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CEAI assists teachers by providing....

  • Up to $2 million in professional liability insurance
  • Job-action protection (including a local lawyer in the case of a job action against you)
  • Support and advice when you get stuck in a sticky situation (even if it's totally accidental)
  • Unlimited legal & educational consultation with CEAI staff, including their staff attorney
  • The ability to ask a lawyer your questions about what you are & are not allowed to do
  • Coverage in some cases of wrongful prosecution
  • And much more

Find out more about how CEAI can protect and support you as a Christian educator.

What CEAI Members Are Saying:

"THANK YOU for getting back to me so quickly when I was distressed by the news at school! You all are godsend, and such an encouragement to me! I'm at peace, and learning to rest in God knowing He is good and His thoughts are higher than ours. Thanks again, and blessings!" - Yue

"I'm happy with the service and greatly appreciate the Christian focus with the support provided. BIG change from my union." - Christopher

"Everything is resolved and you guys did an amazing job supporting me! I’m so pleased with my decision to use CEAI." - Jen

"You and your team are fabulous...a blessing! My gratitude to you all! Thank you." - Lauren

"I appreciated being able to discuss these concerns with you. I have a keen appreciation for you and CEAI who have assisted me in various times of my career." - Patty

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