Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship

We help Christian teachers engage every student without sacrificing their work-life balance.

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Course Curriculum

  Coaching Call Recordings
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Your Enrollment Includes...

Coaching Call Recordings - Mentorship
Watch replays from Mentorship coaching calls
Linda Kardamis
Your Smooth-Running Class
Weekly Lessons + Mentor Support to Eliminate Chaos & Build Respect from Day 1
Linda Kardamis
Classroom Management 101
Frustration ends here.
Linda Kardamis
Tame Your To-Do List System for Teachers
Go from stressed & frazzled to prepared & energized - in just one afternoon!
Linda Kardamis
Teach Uplifted
Renew your passion for teaching by finding joy & peace in Christ.
Linda Kardamis
Beyond Classroom Management
Create a culture of respect, responsibility, and engagement.
Linda Kardamis
Rise Up Summit 2020 All Access Pass
Get full access & all the recordings from our online conference for Christian educators
Linda Kardamis & David Schmus
50 Procedures that Will Save Your Sanity
Discover simple procedures to make your classroom run more efficiently
Linda Kardamis
Relationship-Based Misbehavior Prevention Plan
Linda Kardamis
Rise Up Summit 2019 All Access Pass
Full access to all sessions and materials from the 2019 Rise Up Christian Educators Summit
Linda Kardamis & David Schmus

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