Devotional Schedule

We will read & discuss a selection from The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life each day from Sunday through Friday. Saturday is left open as a day to either catch up if you're behind or further reflect on what you've learned.


Week 1:

Sunday: Chapter 1A: Is it Scriptural?

Monday: Chapter 1B

Tuesday: Chapter 2A: God's Side & Man's Side

Wednesday: Chapter 2B

Thursday: Chapter 3A: The Life Defined

Friday: Chapter 3B

Saturday: Catch Up / Reflection

Week 2:

Sunday: Chapter 4A: How to Enter In

Monday: Chapter 4B

Tuesday: Chapter 5A: Difficulties Concerning Consecration

Wednesday: Chapter 5B

Thursday: Chapter 6A: Difficulties Concerning Faith

Friday: Chapter 6B

Saturday: Catch Up / Reflection

Week 3:

Sunday: Chapter 7A: Difficulties Concerning the Will

Monday: Chapter 7B

Tuesday: Chapter 8A: Difficulties Concerning Guidance

Wednesday: Chapter 8B

Thursday: Chapter 9: Difficulties Concerning Doubts

Friday: Chapter 10: Difficulties Concerning Temptation

Saturday: Catch Up / Reflection

Catch Up/Reflection Week
Use this week to catch up on past devotionals if you're a bit off schedule, to continue to reflect and discuss what you're learning with your group, or to get ahead if you'd like.

*Bonus devotionals will be provided for those who are right on schedule and don't want to take a week off.*

Week 4:

Sunday: Chapter 11A: Difficulties Concerning Failures

Monday: Chapter 11B

Tuesday: Chapter 12A: Is God in Everything?

Wednesday: Chapter 12B

Thursday: Chapter 13A: Bondage or Liberty

Friday: Chapter 13B

Saturday: Catch Up / Reflection

Week 5:

Sunday: Chapter 19A: The Chariots of God

Monday: Chapter 19B

Tuesday: Chapter 14A: Growth

Wednesday: Chapter 14B

Thursday: Chapter 15A: Service

Friday: Chapter 15B

Saturday: Catch Up / Reflection

Week 6:

Sunday: Chapter 16A: The Practical Results in Daily Life

Monday: Chapter 16B

Tuesday: Chapter 17: The Joy of Obedience

Wednesday: Chapter 18A: Divine Union

Thursday: Chapter 18B

Friday: Chapter 20A: The Life on Wings

Saturday: Chapter 20B

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